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Article: Appearance on the Carioca Porto-Vecchio Shooting, Alba Nera's 6.18 AM

Apparition sur le Shooting de Carioca Porto-Vecchio, la 6.18 AM d'Alba Nera - Alba Nera

Appearance on the Carioca Porto-Vecchio Shooting, Alba Nera's 6.18 AM

In a happy crossover between the worlds of fashion, the Alba Nera sunglasses, model 6.18 AM Donna, recently found their place in the shooting of the Summer 90 collection by Carioca Porto-Vecchio . This unexpected appearance created a harmony between our Mediterranean signature and the spirit of the 90s.

The Carioca Porto-Vecchio brand, with its Summer 90 collection, revisits the striking trends of a charismatic decade. The integration of Alba Nera's 6.18 AM Donna glasses into this retro ambiance brings a touch of contemporary sophistication, demonstrating the flexibility and elegance of the design.

This meeting, although serendipitous, illustrates how distinct elements of fashion can come together to create a unique aesthetic. The timeless silhouette of the 6.18 AM Donna model naturally complements Carioca Porto-Vecchio's vibrant '90s theme, highlighting the importance of versatile and durable design.

This event serves as a reminder that fashion is an ongoing dialogue between the past and the present. Two brands, each with their own identity, come together here in a unique fashion moment, offering a glimpse into the ever-changing evolution of style and trend.

To learn more about the Carioca Porto-Vecchio Summer 90 collection and find out how the Alba Nera 6.18 AM Donna glasses fit into it, visit our blog for continuous updates from the world of fashion.

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