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Article: Alba Garavito Torre, Mediterranean Style and Alba Nera Glasses for Paris Fashion Week 2023

Alba Garavito Torre, Style Méditerranéen et lunettes Alba Nera pour la Fashion Week de Paris 2023 - Alba Nera

Alba Garavito Torre, Mediterranean Style and Alba Nera Glasses for Paris Fashion Week 2023

During the recent Paris Fashion Week, one accessory particularly attracted attention: Alba Nera's oversized and unstructured 6.18 AM Donna glasses, worn by Alba Garavito Torre. With their original design inspired by old Italian cinema and revisited with a modern touch, these glasses are not just a fashion choice, they are a statement.

An Accessory That Talks
Alba Garavito Torre, known for her influence in the world of luxury and fashion, chose the 6.18 AM Donna model for her appearance in Paris. By opting for these glasses, she asserts not only her Mediterranean heritage, but also her unique character, bringing a touch of her personality to the bustling Parisian scene.

Italian Cinema in the Streets of Paris
The design of the 6.18 AM Donna glasses evokes a bygone era of Italian cinema, while incorporating a modern aesthetic. This blend of old and new reflects Alba Nera's ability to create accessories that are both works of art and style statements.



A Style That Crosses Borders
Alba Garavito Torre's presence with Alba Nera glasses during Paris Fashion Week perfectly illustrates how an accessory can transcend cultural and style boundaries. The 6.18 AM Donna model is a celebration of audacity and individuality, values ​​dear to Alba Nera.

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