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Alba Nera Workshop

The House

At the origins

Alba Nera is a Bastiais brand, founded from a meeting between an artist and an entrepreneur. Through their creations, Raphaëlle Giugliano and Leo Martelli pay homage to their inspirations and influences.

“Our influences come from Italian cinema, particularly Fellini, from the Italian Renaissance, but also from old photos of my grandmothers, who overall represent a glamorous and confident Mediterranean woman.” Raphaëlle Giugliano

Raphaëlle is self-taught and advocates a more modern conception of glasses, in line with new consumer expectations, far from factories, closer to art and craftsmanship.

Alba Nera, or Black Dawn in Corsica.

Like a gradient of minutes between night and day, where the names of our models are found.

Inspirations and influences

The Alba Nera brand aims to guarantee a spirit, which it perceives as a cultural heritage. The essence of the Mediterranean in its most absolute sense. In each imagined model there is a drop of its history, its people, its fauna, its flora, and its fashion.

From Etruscan art to Italian fashion from the 60s and 70s, the spirit of the brand is fundamentally timeless.

Ultra limited production

It is in Corsica, in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the Alba Nera workshop that all the Glasses are manufactured.

All Alba Nera glasses are assembled by hand with extreme care to meet the brand's high quality standards.

Manufacturing requires around a hundred operations over several days. This level of demand naturally limits Alba Nera's production capacity and high demand may limit the availability and lead times of certain models. On average, unless there is high demand, Alba Nera glasses are manufactured in 7 days.

The production of each model is therefore ultra limited. Depending on the design and material, assemblies are generally limited to 20 copies, and some to only 5 copies.

“It is very important for Alba Nera that each element, from the packaging to the glasses, is made by hand in Europe in an eco-responsible way. We do not use plastic and keep all acetate waste for recycling. " Raphaëlle Giugliano

"For its frames, Alba Nera uses the best quality acetate in the world, produced in Italy, and very high-end lenses made in France. Everything else is imagined and created within the workshop" Leo Martelli