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Article: Sunglasses in Cinema: Style Icons and Sources of Inspiration

Les Lunettes de Soleil au Cinéma : Icônes de Style et Sources d'Inspiration

Sunglasses in Cinema: Style Icons and Sources of Inspiration

Sunglasses have always played a pivotal role in cinema, well beyond their primary function of protecting the eyes. They have become symbols of attitude, mystery, and elegance. At Alba Nera, we draw on this cinematic heritage, particularly Italian cinema of the 60s and 70s, to create designs that reflect the essence of quiet luxury.

The History of Sunglasses in Cinema

Cinema has always had the power to transform everyday objects into icons. In this alchemy, sunglasses have played a major role, becoming extensions of the characters and eras they represent.

Models that have become legendary

  • Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" : Her oversized glasses symbolize the glamor of the 60s. These glasses have become the symbol of the elegance and glamor of the 60s . Their bold and elegant design has inspired generations of women to adopt a style both chic and daring.
  • Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” : The Aviators became an instant classic, synonymous with courage and daring. Discover the Aviators at Ray-Ban .
  • “The Wolf of Wall Street” : The glasses worn by Leonardo DiCaprio represent extravagant luxury of the 90s . Explore bold styles at Persol .
  • The film "Ferrari" : Enzo Ferrari's glasses promise to become a new symbol of style and passion. Find inspired designs at Persol .
  • "Casino" & "Ocean eleven": The Goliath, with its bold design and imposing size, made an impression in the 1960s. This iconic model has graced the faces of celebrities in films and music videos, from Robert De Niro in "Casino " to Elliott Gould in “Ocean’s Eleven,” and even The Weeknd in his landmark music video Heartless .
  • Alba Nera's 7.77: A Modern Reinterpretation: Inspired by the Goliath, our 7.77 model captures the essence of that era while adding a touch of modernity and refinement. We've retained the iconic silhouette while using contemporary materials and cutting-edge technology for unparalleled comfort and durability.

The Influence of Italian Cinema

Italian cinema, particularly the films of the 60s and 70s, has given the world some of the most elegant and memorable images in cinematic history. The sunglasses in these films are not just accessories, but key elements that contribute to the mood and style of the film.

Alba Nera: A Homage to Cinema and Elegance

Our collection at Alba Nera is a tribute to these iconic cinematic moments. We seek to capture the spirit of quiet luxury through designs that evoke nostalgia, refinement and a keen sense of style. Discover our exclusive collection .

Sunglasses, in the world of cinema, are much more than just accessories. They are silent narrators, markers of time, reflections of personalities. Inspired by these icons, Alba Nera creates glasses that speak about you, your story, and your vision of luxury.

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